Move In/Move Out Cleaning in Frisco, TX

Moving Cleaning Services

Scrubs Home Cleaning provides comprehensive cleaning services designed to make the hectic process of moving into or out of a home less stressful. You shouldn’t have to sweat over the small details when you are preparing to move – let us worry about keeping both your old and new living spaces looking pristine!

Our move out cleaning service in Frisco, TX can help you ensure that your old home is ready for market. If you’re preparing to sell or rent out your old abode, hire our professional cleaning experts to go over it with a fine-tooth comb. Similarly, you shouldn’t have to worry about moving into a dirty new living space. If you are preparing to move into a new home, consider our move in cleaning service in Frisco, TX, to help ensure that your new living space is as clean as possible before you begin the moving process.

moving cleaning

What’s Included

Scrubs Home Cleaning move in and move out cleaning services include all of the components associated with our traditional deep cleaning, plus a few additional services. Here’s what you can expect during a moving cleaning session:

  • Deep cleaning: When you use our moving cleaning services, you can expect all of the attention to detail that comes with a regular deep cleaning session. We will disinfect surfaces, hand-wipe windowsills, vacuum and mop floors and more.
  • Hard to reach places: We will also scrub, clean and disinfect all of the hard-to-reach places in your home, including behind major appliances, inside of cabinets and cupboards and more.
  • Peace of mind: Our moving cleaning services provide you with one of the most valuable things possible: peace of mind. You can rely on our extensive and thorough moving cleaning services to keep your old and new living spaces looking their best.

Make Your Move Easier

There’s no reason to add more stress to the already hectic moving process. Call Scrubs Home Cleaning today at 972-294-8639 to learn more about our moving cleaning services. It’s one thing that you can quickly and easily check off of your moving list!