Freshening Up Between Cleaning Days

March 7, 2019

If you regularly use a cleaning service in Frisco, TX, you might find yourself attempting to clean up your house before the cleaners even come. This might sound funny, but it’s a habit that many people have gotten themselves into when they have a professional cleaner coming into their home.

There are certainly some steps you can take to make the job easier on the cleaners. You should leave the real thorough cleaning up to them, but doing some tidying and some spot checking before they arrive can make things easier for everyone.

With this in mind, here are some tips from a provider of cleaning services in Frisco, TX about how you can freshen up your home in between cleaning days:

  • Clear away the clutter: Remember, you’ve hired someone to clean your home, not to organize it for you. Therefore, it can be helpful to them to make sure your home is already reasonably well organized when they arrive, or at least to tell them if there are areas or piles of items in your home that they can ignore. Just keep in mind that the more thoroughly you want your home to be cleaned, the more you need to do to prepare and clear out these areas. Otherwise, you’ll find the cleaners will have a hard time knowing what to tackle and where certain items go after the cleaning is over.
  • Clean some items yourself: It can be beneficial to do some cleaning yourself ahead of time. If you have any fragile items or anything you don’t trust your cleaner to handle for any reason, then these are good items to clean yourself. In addition, if there are any items that are easy for you to clean up, such as pieces of garbage lying around your home, you should take care of those yourself. Finally, check the contract you agreed to with your cleaner—if there are any items the cleaner is not clearly responsible for, you should clean those items yourself as well.
  • Plan out cleanings: If you’re new to having a cleaner come into your home, it can be good to do some preparation and planning so the process goes smoothly. You can first write out a couple lists of responsibilities—one set of tasks you want someone else to do for you, and another set you would like to do yourself. You can also walk through your entire home and talk out the process with your cleaner the first time they come to your home so you both have a better sense of what the expectations are.
  • Understand some things will end up in strange places: By virtue of having someone come into your home who is not familiar with your space, it’s only natural that some items will end up in different places than normal, at least at first. Don’t be afraid to politely ask your cleaner to change or correct something for the next time around—positive communication is important in your working relationship.

For more tips from the experts at Scrubs Home Cleaning, contact our cleaning service in Frisco, TX today.

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