Five Tips for Keeping Your Living Room Livable

April 2, 2019

The living room is where we gather. It’s where our kids play, where we have movie night, where we invite our neighbors and sometimes it’s even the place where we sleep and eat. When you think of all the time you and your family spend in your living room, it’s no wonder that it often looks a little less than inviting.

If you feel like you are constantly cleaning your living room but it still looks messy, we have a few tips for you. As a company that provides professional home cleaning in Frisco, TX, we know a thing or two about keeping your living room more livable.

Curb the clutter

If your knickknacks and collectible items are taking over your living room, see if there are any pieces that you can part with. If you just can’t get rid of a few items, your next best option is to set up a system that allows you to swap them out from time to time. Cut the number of knickknacks in half, and put half in storage. Then, every few months you can switch them out, which means you still get to enjoy your favorite items, keep your décor fresh and reduce clutter all at the same time.

Use the space behind the sofa

If you have some extra space between your sofa and the wall, there are a lot of things you may be able to store back there. You can put extra pillows and blankets there or, if you have enough space, a cabinet or a low bookcase. This not only gives you more storage, but it gives you more display space as well.

Create a kid space

If you’re a parent, you know how easy it is for kid toys to take up your space. You can help prevent that from happening in your living room by creating a kid zone. Pick a corner of your living room and set it up with a small bookcase or rolling bin. This not only gives the kids their own space in the living room, but it also makes cleaning up after playtime a breeze!

Get a waste basket

Let’s face it—the living room is not a space where you would normally expect to find a trash can. But if garbage keeps accumulating in your living room, a small trash can that matches the rest of your living room décor may be a useful addition to your space.

Control the cords

In our age of technology, it’s easy to have a billion cords snaking around your living room. Bunches of electrical cords just make a room look messy, but there are creative ways to get them out of the way. You can use a basket to put cords in or even hide them behind a floor mirror, piece of art or houseplant.

For more tips like these or if you are interested in a professional routine or deep home cleaning in Frisco, TX, call the team at Scrubs Home Cleaning. We are your local cleaning experts!

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