Avoid Germ Spread at Home

April 10, 2020

It’s impossible to remove all germs from your home, but it’s feasible to at least reduce them and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Home cleaning is not the only element in this endeavor, and there are other precautions you can take to ensure you mostly germ-proof your home in Frisco, TX. Here are six tips to reduce the impact of germs and create a healthier home:

  • Disinfect surfaces: Most flu, cold and norovirus germs thrive on solid surfaces. Use a disinfectant spray or wipes to keep these surfaces clean and germ-free. This is often an easy cleaning procedure that rarely takes too much time. Wipe down countertops, door knobs, computer keyboards, faucet handles and anything else that is touched regularly.
  • Washing your hands: We get it. This is everywhere, and being promoted to death—but that’s because it works. Besides washing your hands after eating or using the bathroom, also wash up before you leave home and when you return. If you touch garbage as you prepare to empty it, wash your hands once it is out of your home. The same is true with handling animal waste, whether it is your cat’s litter box or scooping your dog’s messes outside.
  • Buy a humidifier or air purifier: There are no scientific guidelines on using these devices to prevent flu or other illnesses, but they make an impact. Dry air causes scratchy throats and respiratory conditions that make it easier to retain germs and get sick. Viruses also thrive better in dry air. However, if you buy a humidifier, clean it regularly so it does not grow mold and bacteria. Otherwise, you pollute the air you live in and risk more serious illness.
  • Wash linens in hot water: When someone in your household is at the end of an illness, wash the sheets and towels they used. To kill germs, they need to be washed in hot water with plenty of detergent. Until you wash these linens, do not let other household members come in contact with them.
  • Protect other family members: Whenever possible, if you have a guest suite, move your sick family member in there. That way, they have their own bedroom and bathroom, and that limits the spread of their illness. However, if that is impossible, use disposable face masks and disinfect their rooms daily. This not only contains the spread of any viruses, but also keeps anyone who was already sick from re-infecting themselves.
  • Clean regularly—but not every day: While it may seem prudent to scrub your house every day, it is not the best practice. Cleaning chemicals do their job well, but they also cause skin, throat and eye irritation. Asthma sufferers face worse symptoms if they constantly breathe in a chemical mess. Wiping down every other day or even once a week is generally sufficient.

If you want to germ-proof your home, Scrubs Home Cleaning can help. We offer a full service menu of home cleaning services in Frisco, TX and take all precautions to preserve your and our employees’ health. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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