Qualities of a Trustworthy Housekeeper

July 15, 2020

Letting someone in to clean your home is a leap of faith. You have to trust that not only will they respect your privacy while cleaning, but that they also will do the job thoroughly, efficiently and carefully.

There’s a big difference between a housekeeper and a cleaner. A cleaner cleans surfaces and calls it a day, while a housekeeper will clean the home as well as perform additional tasks like laundry and dish washing and otherwise keep your home in great shape. Here’s how to tell whether you’ve hired a reliable cleaning service in Frisco, TX:

  • Cleaning is only the beginning: Dusting and vacuuming are only the beginning of a good housekeeper’s to-do list. Housekeepers also straighten up the home, help you get your clothing and other items organized, washed and hung, decorate for holidays and other tasks that help keep your household running. If you need the spare closet organized, they can do that; if you need someone to run the dishwasher while they’re wiping down the baseboards, that should be no problem either.
  • A willingness to listen and take direction: It’s important that you work with a housekeeper who is willing to listen and take direction. A housekeeper’s goal is to help restore your home to how you like it, whether that’s always hanging the toilet paper so it rolls over or giving you hospital corners on your bedsheets. Whatever you ask (within reason, naturally) should be their priority. On the other hand, if you’ve asked a housekeeper to do a task and it is consistently ignored or performed incorrectly, they may not wish to make adjustments, which is usually a sign of a bad fit.
  • The right tools for the job: Housekeepers know what kind of tools they need for the job, and they should be able to tell you about them. Depending on your agreement, they might bring their own supplies and tools (such as a vacuum, specific type of mop or cleaning supplies) or use yours. Your housekeeper should be able to tell you what, if anything, they need you to supply and why—and you should trust that they know what they’re talking about.
  • Great attention to detail: Housekeepers are paid to have great attention to detail, from spotting dust on your windowsills to remembering that you like your shirts folded a certain way. When you find a housekeeper who has this quality, hang on to them.
  • Honesty: Obviously, you want a housekeeper whom you can trust to be in your home around your private objects, valuables and sentimental items without thinking twice—but there are other ways in which honesty comes into play. For example, accidents happen; if they break a glass or nick your furniture, they should be honest about it rather than leaving you to discover you now have a set of five matching wine glasses instead of six.

For reliable cleaning service in Frisco, TX, set up an appointment with the team at Scrubs Home Cleaning today. We look forward to telling you more about what we can do for you.

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