Tips for Choosing the Best Housekeeper in Your Area

July 7, 2020

Once you’ve decided that you deserve the assistance of a professional cleaning company, you have to figure out who you’re going to hire. But when presented with a number of choices, it’s hard to know the right way to pick the company that will meet your needs. Rest assured that if you take the following steps, you’re certain to find the best local housekeeping service in Frisco, TX.

Make a list

Run a Google search or a make a quick flip through the Yellow Pages, and you’ll soon discover that there are a number of options for local housekeeping service in Frisco, TX. As you learn about each company, make a list of the ones that seem promising to you. These will be the ones you’ll research further. You’ll want to identify at least three housekeeping businesses to learn more about.


Every residential cleaning company you are considering should have a current website. Check it out. See what they have to say about themselves. Find out if they list prices, services, FAQs and other important information. Write down questions that were left unanswered to ask when you contact these businesses.

Reading through the information a company posts online is helpful because you can compare that to what they tell you when you speak to them. Maybe on their website, they quote one price for cleaning a three-bedroom home, but on the phone, the cost is vastly higher. These types of inconsistencies are indicators of whether or not a business is trustworthy.

Read the reviews

The internet makes it so easy to learn how a company really operates. Check out what other clients have to say about the housekeeping companies you are considering. These reviews provide incredibly useful insight that you’ll want to have before you let any type of professional into your home.

Determine your own expectations

Why have you decided to hire a housekeeper? What areas of your home really need a deep clean? What are you wanting a cleaning team to do that you’ve never done before? Understanding your own expectations beforehand will help you better communicate this information when you eventually contact different local businesses.

Get in touch with them

You’ve looked at their websites and read the reviews. Now it’s time to interview these businesses to determine which one is right for you. Questions you’ll want to ask include:

  • What rates or pricing packages do they offer? Are there additional costs, upcharges, premium pricing and other options you should know about? Are there any discounts available for signing up for recurring appointments?
  • Do they provide the cleaning products and equipment?
  • Is the company bonded and insured?
  • Do they provide a written contract?
  • How is scheduling handled and what is their flexibility?
  • How do they handle pets?
  • Has a background check been conducted on each member of the cleaning team?

A local housekeeping service in Frisco, TX that has years of experience and a sterling reputation in the community, such as Scrubs Home Cleaning, will offer a free cleaning cost estimate. If you’re interested in a free estimate, contact Scrubs Home Cleaning today. We’re available to answer any of your questions and schedule your first appointment.

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