Four Tips for Minimizing Toy Chaos in Your Home

August 4, 2021

If you have kids, you probably also have toys—maybe too many of them. Sure, it’s fun to watch your little ones enjoy the latest Paw Patrol toy, but if you’ve ever stepped on Legos, you know that some toys can feel more like instruments of evil than wholesome fun for children. So, what can you do to prevent the playtime chaos, and reclaim your home from your tiny overlords?

One big secret: hire a professional home cleaning service. Although you might not think you can fit it into your schedule or budget, remember that it will free up more of your time so you can focus on what matters most—like enjoying those toys with your kids.

Here are some tips to minimize toy chaos in between cleaning visits:

  • Keep a rotation going: People love to give kids toys—after all, it gives them an opportunity to relive their own childhood briefly, especially if they get to play with your kids and the toys at the same time. Unfortunately, this means that between Santa, Aunt Bertha and your favorite babysitter, your kid is going to accumulate a lot of toys, with a lot of small pieces. Sooner or later, those small pieces will be spread out over your pristine carpet for you to step on with bare feet. To combat this problem, establish a toy rotation system. Put unused toys into a storage area, then rotate them every three months. Get rid of anything without sentimental value and that your kids never notice is missing. It’s not just nice for you—your children will enjoy rediscovering old favorites.
  • Spread toy storage out: If your toybox is stuffed to the brim with toys, it’s inevitable that your child will want the toy at the very bottom in the back corner of the box. And since kids don’t always exhibit good judgment, they’ll probably dump out the entire box to get to it. You can solve this problem by filling the toy box halfway—especially if you have a toy rotation going. They’ll have plenty of room to rummage around, without getting out every toy known to man. (Where did that Ariel doll come from, anyway?)
  • Have a toy cleanout once per year: As a parent, you’ve probably realized how fast time goes by. One minute, you’re spoon-feeding them applesauce in a high chair, and the next, their voices are cracking and they want to bring a “friend” to the dance. That means this year’s hot toy may not be as exciting next year. Once each year, get your older children together and decide which toys can be donated. It’ll appeal to their sense of charity and set a good precedent on how to handle excess material goods.
  • Schedule playdates carefully: Finally, if your kids have messy friends—the type that dump out a toybox—consider scheduling those playdates at a park or their own home. It’ll save your sanity.

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