Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service

January 5, 2022

Hiring a cleaning service to tackle all of the dirty work saves you a ton of time and energy. But you can’t just hire the first company you find online. Instead, you need to do your research to find the right team for the job. Keep reading to learn what to look for when hiring a cleaning service:

  • Read online reviews: The internet is often your first stop when searching for a reputable cleaning company. There are dozens of websites providing customer reviews of different cleaning companies, so you can easily tell who’s reputable and who you ought to avoid.
  • Interview more than one company: It may be tempting to go ahead and hire the first company you find with a few good reviews, but you should avoid the urge to do so. Instead, interview a couple of cleaners to make sure you’re getting the best team for the job.
  • Get some references: While you can usually trust most of the reviews you read online, it’s always best to do a little more research. Ask the companies you’re considering hiring to provide some references so you know you can trust them.
  • Be sure they’re insured: Not all cleaning companies are insured, which means you’ll have to pay for any accidental property damage or injuries that occur at your home. Ask for proof of insurance before agreeing to work with any cleaner.
  • Open pet policies: Some cleaners out there don’t work in houses with pets, which isn’t much help if you have four-legged friends contributing to the mess. Double-check that the cleaners in question work on any home with pets.

What to look for when hiring a cleaning service

In addition to getting satisfactory answers to all of the questions to ask when hiring a cleaning company, look for these traits when hiring a cleaner:

  • Availability: First and foremost, make sure the cleaners will be available when you need them. If you need your home clean before having guests over, you’ll need the cleaners there a few days prior to get everything in order.
  • High-quality cleaning products: Needless to say, your house won’t get clean if the cleaning company doesn’t use the right cleaning products. Reputable cleaning companies use high-quality cleaning agents that are both effective and gentle on all of your belongings. Additionally, try to find a team that uses green cleaning products that are better for the environment.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: Just like how some companies don’t work on homes with pets, some cleaners don’t clean every aspect of your home. Look for a company that’ll clean your home from top to bottom.
  • Fair pricing: There’s no need to spend a fortune to have your home cleaned. Go with a company that charges fair and competitive rates and is upfront about all of their pricing before cleaning your house.

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