How Often Do You Need to Seal Your Grout?

April 8, 2022

Grout is a combination of sand and cement to seal tiles in your home. Clean grout can help keep your bathroom looking clean and new. However, unsealed grout can soak up mold and mildew like a sponge, and it can be more difficult to remove over time. There are several different sealers that you can use, but a professional grout cleaner. Sealing is the key to keeping your grout looking clean. 

How often should you seal your grout?

There’s no clear-cut answer, but the general rule is to seal grout annually. Yearly sealing will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, but in higher traffic areas, you can seal twice per year. Lower traffic areas can be sealed once every two years.  

Kitchen backsplashes do not need to be sealed as regularly. You may only need to reseal these every five to ten years. Also, remember that cleaning products can diminish the protective properties of your sealant. You’ll need to reseal more often if you clean more often than usual.

Also, before you seal the grout, you should make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly. The sealer will be more effective if it adheres to a clean surface. 

Knowing when it’s time to seal

It’s a little challenging to determine when you should seal or not. If you have moved into a new home or a pre-owned house, you may not know what work has been done before. 

There’s an easy hack to know whether your grout needs resealing. All you need is a spray bottle. There is likely no sealer if the grout absorbs the water and you do not notice any beading. It will be time to seal right away.

How to protect your grout

Grout creates a waterproof seal, but moisture and heat can break it down over time. It’s not possible to keep the grout from breaking completely, but sealers can help you get the most life out of it. There are some ways to extend the lifespan of your grout. They include:

  • Run the fan while you shower. It helps to circulate the air and rid the room of steam. 
  • Wipe off your tiles with a towel once you are done showering. The fan won’t completely dry up all of the water. 
  • Spray a shower cleaner once you finish bathing. It can help prevent mold and mildew.

Sealing your grout is a simple and effective way to keep it maintained and looking great. Remember the timing guidelines and tips to keep your grout fresh and clean. 

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