Steam Mops Versus Traditional Mopping

April 22, 2022

Cleaning your floors every day helps provide a fresh and healthier environment by preventing the spread of contaminants causing human infections. It also makes your floors impressive. Steam mops and traditional mops can be great options for cleaning, depending on your needs.

In a nutshell, steam mops clean and disinfect your surfaces, whereas traditional mops only achieve clean surfaces. This makes the steam mops more effective cleaners than their traditional counterparts.

Though most people only consider absorbency and scrubbing power while purchasing mops, it is also essential to understand the pros and cons of these mops before you choose any of them. Keep reading this article to learn more about the pros and cons of steam mops over traditional mops.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Steam Mops?

Below is a list of pros and cons of steam mops. Here, you’ll get to know what makes them superior to traditional mops and the associated downsides:

Pros of Steam Mops

Below is what makes steam mops prevail over traditional mops.

Sanitizing Power

Besides making your floors clean, steam mops also disinfect your floors to protect your family and visitors from potential infections. Experts say that steam mops kill 99.9% of the household germs, including molds, viruses, bacteria, mildews, salmonella, dust mites, and Staphylococcus. 

As the name suggests, these mops produce steam, creating heat that kills any germs present on the floor during mopping. As a result, they are the best sanitary mops you can consider for your floors.

Scrubbing Power

Most clients prefer steam mops because they are the most effective at removing stubborn stains and dirt on floors. The steam from the mops loosens the sticky stains and grime on the floor, making them easy to remove while mopping.

Effortless Cleaning

Unlike the traditional mops that require you to put a lot of energy scrubbing sticky stains on your floors, steam mops make the work easier and quicker. In addition, you will only need to do a little prep work that doesn’t need a lot of effort.

Safety for Children and Pets

You wouldn’t want a mop that exposes your children and pets to potential danger. This is where steam mops come in handy. Unlike traditional mops, steam mops don’t need chemicals for proper cleaning. This protects your children and pets from any chemicals causing health problems.

The Cons of Steam Mops

Unfortunately, steam mops have the following disadvantages. However, these do not make them less effective than the traditional mops.

Require Electrical or Battery Power

Unlike traditional mops, steam mops require constant electricity or a battery. That means you have to be near a power outlet whenever you clean. This can be challenging when cleaning a larger space. Batteries can also run out of power while cleaning, leading to delays.

More Costly Than Traditional Mops

The prices of steam mops are higher than the prices of traditional mops in the market due to their sophisticated nature. You will also incur the cost of electricity and batteries, unlike using traditional mops.

Not Ideal for Some Floor Types

Steam mops produce much moisture, which can cause delamination, warping, and swelling of laminate floors made of compressed fiber or particleboard. 

Are Steam Mops Worth It?

For perfect and easy cleaning, steam mops are better than traditional mops. They make work easy, are much safer to use, and achieve both cleanliness and sanitization standards. Indeed, a steam mop is worth your money. For more information about steam mops and other house cleaning services, contact us at (972) 294-8639 or go online and book your home cleaning appointment today.

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