Throwing a Summer Party? Get Your House Ready Without the Hassle!

May 18, 2018

Summer is the perfect season to host parties at your home, whether you’re planning graduation parties, a Fourth of July gathering, summer backyard barbecues or family reunions. The weather is pleasant, gardens have bloomed and, hopefully, you’ve de-cluttered and organized your belongings during spring cleaning time. But how do you get your house ready for company without the hassle of having to power clean? You hire professional cleaners to do it for you!

This summer, seek out professional cleaning services in Frisco, TX to get your house ready for company.

Popular house cleaning services

Although spring cleaning was not too long ago, the inside of your house could probably use another deep cleaning to ring in the summer season. Another cleaning session guarantees dust removal to reduce allergy symptoms and gets your home ready to welcome family and friends. If you are planning a party, a comprehensive whole-house cleaning service can ensure all your rooms, including bathrooms and the kitchen, get scrubbed prior to the arrival of your guests. Here at Scrubs Home Cleaning, we take a holistic approach to house cleaning to do just that!

Room cleaning

Whether your home has several bedrooms, a home office, a dining room and living room or a couple bedrooms and one large family room, you can count on professional cleaning services to spruce it up from top to bottom:

  • Fan blades, light fixtures and furniture will get a good dusting.
  • Windowsills and baseboards get wiped clean of dirt, dust and grime.
  • Carpets are vacuumed well, while hard flooring is swept clean and can be polished.
  • Your maid service will take out the trash in each room, and then replace the bags.
  • Maids can make the beds. If you’re having overnight guests, the pros can make your guest room look like a nice hotel.

Bathroom cleaning

The bathrooms are probably the dirtiest areas in your home, which is why they need extra attention from professional cleaners. Consider the fact that most of your party guests are going to use your bathroom at some point or another—what are they going to see upon entering? When you hire professional house cleaners, they’ll walk into luxury:

  • All mirrors and glass and hard surfaces—including countertops, cabinet doors and walls—get a thorough wipe-down, and floors get mopped. This removes visible things like fingerprints, water droplets, mildew and dust.
  • Someone else will clean your tub and shower areas for you. Say goodbye to grime, mildew, mold and soap scum! And with effective cleansers, your dull looking showerheads and tub faucets will shine like new again.
  • The trash goes out, and the bags get replaced.

Kitchen cleaning

Because food is a big part of parties, your kitchen must be summer-ready—meaning it needs to be clean for food preparation, and germ-free:

  • The pros wipe down and sanitize countertops and sinks.
  • The inside of the microwave and oven? The top of the refrigerator? Those get cleaned, too.
  • Kitchen cabinets get a good wipe-down, and we’ll even mop the floors.

When you are in need of professional cleaning services in Frisco, TX, look no further than the team at Scrubs Home Cleaning. Call us today!

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