Summer Vacation Can Take a Toll on Your Home—Get Help with House Cleaning!

June 1, 2018

Kids being home for summer vacation can create big messes. But while summer break can take a toll on your home, that doesn’t mean you have to take on all the cleaning duties alone. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to call a professional maid service for help with house cleaning in Frisco, TX this summer:

  • Kids track all sorts of stuff inside: With the kids home from school for the summer break, there’s bound to be more stuff tracked inside your house on dirty feet and bodies. It’s great that your kids like playing outside, but unless they pound off their clothing and wipe their feet before coming back inside, pollen, grass, dirt, dust, sand, rocks and even bugs will end up collecting on your flooring. Luckily, professional cleaners are at the ready to vacuum and mop up big messes made by your little humans.
  • The bathrooms get used more: If you think your bathrooms are messy now, just wait until summer vacation! Like they do their bedrooms, your kids may treat the bathroom as a dumpsite for their dirty clothes, wet towels and garbage. After playing outside, mud may follow them inside, getting tracked not only on your carpets, but also on the bathroom floors, countertops, tubs and even the mirrors in the bathroom. Call in the pros to help clean your bathrooms, which can restore surfaces back to their pre-summer break beauty.
  • The kitchen looks like a war zone: Having your children home for the summer means that more food will be consumed, which means an increase in foot traffic through the kitchen. Kitchen food prep areas and floors may be worse for wear after summer ends. To avoid permanent damage to kitchen surfaces, hire professional maids to routinely come help you clean.
  • The oven and refrigerator look tired: Okay—you love your kids, so you cook for them, but you also love your large kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, summer break is when your refrigerator gets opened and closed the most—and the food gets spilled on fridge shelves. Then there’s your oven. If you’re using it more during the summer months because your kids are home, it’s going to need a good cleaning soon.
  • Kids have friends over: Summer break is one of the best times for your kids to have their friends over to the house for playtime, dinner and sleepovers. However, that can add to your cleaning needs. Assess your summer situation and call in the pros!
  • You still have to go to work: Even though your kids are on summer vacation, that doesn’t automatically mean you have time off work. Treat yourself to a break by hiring professional cleaners to clean your house for you every week through the summer months.

Whether you need routine cleaning, a serious deep cleaning or comprehensive house cleaning in Frisco, TX this summer, rest assured that the cleaning professionals at Scrubs Home Cleaning can do it all! Call us anytime for a service estimate or to schedule a house cleaning appointment.

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