Four Toilet Brush Tips from the Professionals

July 20, 2018

When cleaning toilets, some people completely forget about the toilet brush. No one really thinks about it, as they forget to dry their brushes or let them linger in a swampy holder until they breed their own mold and mildew garden. It is easy to limit germs, and additional cleaning tasks, if you take small steps to attend to your toilet brush. Here are four tips from experts in housekeeping in Frisco, TX to keep your toilet brush and its holder clean so you do not have new problems on your hands:

  • Let the brush dry: Many problems arise from putting the toilet brush away in its holder when it is still wet. This arises from having no practical way to dry it—no one wants to leave it in a sink or waste time taking it outside. Thankfully, there is a solution! Rather than risk cleaning another surface, place the toilet brush under the toilet seat with the brush end over the toilet. The seat will hold the brush in place and any water drippings from it will just return to the toilet water. Let it stay there until it is dry.
  • Disinfect: Your brush is disinfected during cleaning, since most toilet cleaners contain bleach, but it never hurts to disinfect it separately. Once the brush is dry, spray it with your favorite cleanser, whether that is Lysol or 409. Give that a chance to dry and then return it to the brush holder. Most cleaners continue killing germs for up to 24 hours, so it may take out a few germs in the holder, too.
  • Clean the toilet brush holder: You do not want to return a dry and disinfected brush to a dirty holder. Start by giving it a thorough cleaning to make sure any mildew growth or other debris is removed. Let it dry thoroughly. If you take the steps above, you should not have to take this step again for a long while. However, do not let it slip into out-of-sight, out-of-mind status. Since your bathroom is already a humid place, check it occasionally to make sure it remains clean and you avoid mildew growth.
  • Stay consistent: If you take these steps together, you will have a clean, dry and disinfected toilet brush ready for cleaning every time. This will save you time and make these tasks much easier in the long run.

Housekeeping requires attention to small items if you want to maintain a safe and habitable home. Sometimes, though, this can become overwhelming to some people, and many tasks are neglected only to become big ordeals later. This is where professional housekeepers can come in. We can start you off with one deep clean you can maintain with new habits, or set a regular schedule so you can enjoy a clean home without the stress and effort.

End toilet cleaning for good by hiring professional housekeeping in Frisco, TX. Scrubs Home Cleaning is locally owned and offers free estimates. Call to arrange for one today!

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