Cats vs. Dogs: Who Sheds More?

December 16, 2019

Your pets bring endless joy to your life, but if there’s one thing you could probably live without, it’s their shedding! Constantly finding loose fur and pet dander throughout your home isn’t just a little nasty—it also has a negative impact on your allergies. This post will cover what you need to know about the most shedding cats in Frisco, TX, and how you can deal with the problem.

Why do cats and dogs shed?

All cats and dogs shed at least a little fur throughout the year. In the summer, shedding helps keep them cool when the temperatures start to rise. Most breeds of cats and dogs go through heavy shedding periods about twice a year. Shedding can get worse, though, when animals are pregnant or have certain types of ailments.

The biggest shedders

The amount of loose fur you’ll find in your home greatly depends on the breed of dog or cat you have. Some breeds of cats and dogs have two thick layers of fur, while others only have one. If you have a Maine coon cat, you’ll deal with a lot more fur than if you have a Burmese cat. Similarly, huskies are some of the heaviest shedders, while poodles hardly shed at all. So, the answer to who sheds more is, “It depends!” If you have one of the least shedding dogs in Frisco, TX, you’ll deal with less fur than if you have one of the most shedding cat breeds.

What’s the best solution for shedding?

You can deal with any amount of shedding as long as you’re a smart homeowner. Here’s how to deal with the most shedding dogs and cats in Frisco, TX:

  • Choose the right breed: Before you pick out a new pet, do some research about how much they shed! If you’re concerned about keeping a clean home, you may want to consider getting a Bengal cat or a Maltese dog, as they’ll hardly shed any fur.
  • Brush and groom often: The better care you take care of your pet’s coat, the less they’ll shed. Regularly brush them to get rid of any excess fur, and take them to the groomer to get a clean cut every once in a while.
  • Train your pet: Training your cat or dog to stay off the furniture can do wonders to eliminate the amount of fur found throughout your home. This training may be difficult—especially if you have an older pet—but it’s worth it in the long run.
  • Keep a clean home: Regularly vacuuming the floors and dusting the surfaces throughout your home really help cut back on the amount of fur you find lying around. Again, this isn’t the most fun process, but it’s better than living in a dirty house.
  • Schedule professional cleaning: If you’re not one to deep-clean your home every weekend, consider hiring a professional to come by for regular cleanings! Professionals can eliminate all of that pet fur and dander so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Whether you have one of the least shedding dogs in Frisco, TX or one of the most shedding cats, be sure to choose our team at Scrubs Home Cleaning to keep your house as clean as possible. We specialize in routine cleanings that help keep your space spotless between regular deep cleans.

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