Four Tips for a Clean Counter

August 3, 2018

Kitchen and bathroom counters are often challenging for our clients. They attract clutter, and since they are often the center of activity, they become dirty quickly. If you are the type who allows mail to pile up for days or you like all your hair products spread out, you may often feel crowded out and wonder if you will ever have control of your counter space again. Here are four tips from a professional house cleaning service in Frisco, TX to help you clear that counter for good:

  • Control soap drippings: One common counter mess is dripping from soap dispensers or soap buildup from leaving a bar directly on a sink, counter or shower shelf. Soap dishes are the obvious solution for bar soap, but they work for dishwashing and liquid hand soap, too. Place these items in a soap dish or tray to catch the dripping from the dispenser. Your counter is spared, and you only need to wash the dish or tray when the drippings get to be too much.
  • Purchase a dish drying rack: Higher end cookware needs to be hand washed, and many people are accustomed to drying dishes on the counter with a towel beneath it. This creates unnecessary clutter and adds steps to washing dishes. Rather than take up counter space and add water spots, purchase a rack that fits over your sink. The dishes will dry more thoroughly, and water drops will go into the sink rather than on your counter. If you do not have a double sink and wish to avoid blocking off your sink, a dish drying mat is a superior alternative to towels. Not only are they cushioned to protect cookware, but they also shield your counter from it more effectively.
  • Clean as you go: Open mail and recycle or file it as it arrives. Install wall hooks to encourage your household to hang car keys on them rather than leave them on the counter. Decide which skin and hair care products you use everyday and allow only those ones on the counter, or install wall shelves in your bathroom and keep them there. Basically, deal with clutter as you confront it rather than letting it build up and create an overwhelming situation.
  • Purchase cleaning wipes: Shortcuts are more than acceptable in everyday housecleaning. Disinfecting wipes make it easier to sterilize surfaces after cooking or finishing a large messy project. Keep some handy under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for when a mess arises. It is common for people to overlook spills simply because they do not want to take the time to find a rag and wipe down a counter. Disinfectant wipes make this small task easy, and you will not add to your laundry pile!

For thorough house cleaning in Frisco, TX from a locally owned company, call Scrubs Home Cleaning. We offer free estimates and can arrange for services that fit your budget. Enjoy that feeling of returning home to a freshly cleaned house!

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