Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with a Deep Clean

October 3, 2019

You’re making shopping lists, planning meals and finalizing travel arrangements. As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget about house deep cleaning for the holiday season in Frisco, TX. If you’ll be entertaining family and friends this season, this will prepare your home so you’re ready to host.

If adding something else to your holiday to-do list sounds overwhelming, simply delegate with professional home cleaning for the holidays in Frisco, TX by calling Scrubs Home Cleaning. We can help with the following tasks that will get your home ready for a festive atmosphere:

  • Prep the porch: Guests will most likely enter through your front door, so prep this area to create a fresh, welcoming first impression. Clean the front door with soap and water. Shake and brush your door mat. Sweep away cobwebs from porch railings and corners.
  • Make the kitchen sparkle: Food is a major component of holiday gatherings, and people tend to congregate in the food center, which is your kitchen. Make this holiday hub inviting by dusting light fixtures and cabinets. Flush drains with boiling water, followed by a few lemon rinds, to remove any odors. If you haven’t cleaned the fridge recently, now is a good time for this chore as well.
  • Ready the restroom: Bathrooms should be cleaned weekly. As part of your house deep clean for the holiday season in Frisco, TX, ramp up your weekly efforts. Use scouring powder to make sure everything is very clean. Ensure all fixtures are draining properly.
  • Clear the view: Wipe down all your windows with a microfiber cloth and window cleaner. For a home-made solution, use vinegar and water. Removing the grime, hand prints and dust from windows will make your home much more inviting.
  • Declutter: During this season, you’ll most likely have extra holiday décor, extra people, extra food, extra coats and more in your home. To prepare for all of these extras, get rid of any clutter. Put away year-round decorations to make room for seasonal items. Go through summer wardrobes and see what items it may be time to donate. Organize closets and cabinets for maximum storage space. This process of decluttering will give you the space you need to reduce stress and make your holidays more comfortable.
  • Call for backup: If you’re finding it difficult to make room on your calendar for all of these tasks, don’t hesitate to call for reinforcements. Investing in home cleaning for the holidays in Frisco, TX is the perfect solution. A professional deep-cleaning service can take on the cleaning tasks, to make your home sparkle for the holidays and free you up for other things. This includes spending time with family and friends to enjoy the holiday season!

Your holiday reinforcements

Scrubs Home Cleaning is dedicated to detailed cleaning and superior service. Our goal is to provide consistent, quality cleaning from the bathroom to the bedroom. To prep your home for the holiday season, contact our team for a deep clean. Reach out to us today for a free estimate.

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