What Home Cleaning in Frisco, TX Should You Do Before Leaving on Vacation?

July 2, 2019

You’re planning a getaway. You’ve been looking forward to this vacation for a while. You have a checklist of items to do, to pack and to buy before your trip. Did you remember to include home cleaning in Frisco, TX on your list?

You may wonder why you would bother cleaning when you won’t be home to enjoy it or to make the surroundings dirty. Keep in mind that coming home to a clean home makes your return much smoother. Here’s the scoop on what chores you should do before you leave, and why.


You probably won’t do laundry while you travel, so make sure all loads are done before you leave. This will minimize the amount you have to do when you return and ensure that you have plenty of clean clothes to pack for your journey.


Who wants to walk onto dirty floors when they get back from vacation? Do a quick sweep or vacuum of each room before you go.


Walking into a kitchen piled with dishes is no way to return from your relaxing travels. Before you leave, empty the dishwasher, clean all hand-wash items and make sure the sink is empty. Never leave dirty dishes to attract pests while you’re gone.


Put fresh sheets on the beds and make them up neatly. At the end of your vacation, it will be nice to fall into your own clean and inviting bed.


Wipe down all counters to ensure no food is left on the surface while you’re gone that could attract pests or grow mildew.


You don’t have to do a complete purge or spring cleaning, but try to pick up any major clutter and make things tidy before you go on vacation. If nothing else, toss everything that needs to be put away in one box, bag or basket, then store it until you return. Your home will be much more inviting if you carry all your luggage and souvenirs into clutter-free surroundings.


Of course, the thought of cleaning your home as you make all the other preparations for vacation may sound overwhelming, but don’t despair. A simple solution is to hire professionals to provide a quick cleaning of your home. These experts can ensure your home is in top shape before you start your adventure. You can rest easy and focus on your other plans, then enjoy a fresh, clean home upon your return. Vacation doesn’t get any better than that!

Make Vacation Prep Easy

Make Scrubs Home Cleaning part of your next vacation plans. Our professionals offer attention to detail and exceptional customer service. We can clean your home before, during or after your vacation, to make your time away less stressful and your return more enjoyable. We are committed to delivering consistent quality and efficient home cleaning in Frisco, TX from ceiling to floor and bathroom to bedroom. This dedication has made us the go-to source for home cleaning in Frisco, TX since 2005. Call today for a free estimate!

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