Should You Clean Up Before a Cleaning Service Comes?

February 23, 2021

So, you have a cleaning service booked to come over—but should you tidy up first? And if so, how much? Or is that a silly idea, since that’s the service you’re paying for in the first place? Well, it’s not a silly idea, because there are some situations where tidying up first may be helpful—but there are also some situations where it may mean giving yourself extra work.

One thing to consider is what type of cleaning you are having done in your Frisco, TX home. Is this a deep cleaning or routine cleaning? Is this a one-off cleaning for a special reason, or is this a scheduled service for regular cleaning? These are considerations that will help you determine if it’s a good idea to tidy up beforehand.

Deep cleaning

A deep cleaning in Frisco, TX goes beyond the visual clutter of a messy home. This is where the things you don’t see every day are cleaned, and cleaned well. You can liken this to a “spring cleaning” in that it makes the house feel refreshed in a way that goes beyond simply scrubbing the countertops.

Since cleaning services are usually booked for a certain amount of time, if you’re getting a deep cleaning done, you may want to tidy up beforehand. This will help the professionals get to the heart of the job faster and get more done in the allotted time.

Consider putting away laundry, washing the dishes and reducing clutter in general. The cleaning professionals likely won’t know where everything goes, or how you prefer to have it arranged. This means you may have to spend time redoing that anyway after they’re gone, so it makes sense to do it beforehand.

Routine cleaning

For a routine cleaning in Frisco, TX, the professionals at Scrubs Home Cleaning will do most of the tidying up for you. But depending on what’s included with your service, you may still want to consider doing a little pre-cleaning.

For example, if you have dirty clothes laying around the house, you might want to gather them up into a hamper first—especially if you don’t want everyone seeing your dirty underwear! This will also give the cleaning professionals a head start and allow them to get more done in their allotted time.

Another thing to consider is putting leftover food away and clearing dirty dishes. It’s a good idea not to leave food out anyway, and this also will give the cleaning professionals a head start to work their magic.

If you have a lot of small items around your bathroom vanity, it’s a good idea to collect them in one place and get them out of the way before the cleaning service comes. This way they won’t have to work around these items to clean the bathroom, and you can put them back as you like afterward.

Get in touch with the experts at Scrubs Home Cleaning to book your deep cleaning or routine cleaning in Frisco, TX today.

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