How to Clean When You Have Pet Allergies

September 1, 2021

They’re adorable. They’re fun. They’re part of the family. They’re also furry, fluffy and allergen-producing. If you have pets, you may love their company, but hate what their presence does to your body. You clean and clean, but you still suffer. What you need are some effective pet allergy remedies.

That means not just cleaning, but cleaning with pet allergens in mind. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why am I sneezing when my house is clean?” you know what we’re talking about. There’s clean of dirt and dust, and then there’s clean of allergens. Here’s what you can do to put some pet allergy remedies in place at your home.

Make some changes

Start by making a few changes to your surroundings. These could be minor or major. Determine how many of these steps you should take based on the sensitivity of your allergies and how many pets you have:

  • Toss the bed: If your pet has furniture of her own, get rid of it. Frisky might seem upset for a while that her favorite bed is gone, but she will find another place to curl up and nap—we guarantee it. Meanwhile, you will be rid of a constant allergen source.
  • Filter your vents: Place a cheesecloth or other filtering material over your bedroom vents. This will help block some allergens from entering your sleeping space, so you can get better rest.
  • Switch your flooring: Do you have carpet in your home? Consider ripping it out and replacing it with tile or wood, which don’t hold allergens like carpet does. Plus, these surfaces are easier to keep clean.

Change the way you clean

It can also be helpful to make some adjustments to your cleaning methods. Here are some tips:

  • Vacuum frequently: If you can’t remove all the carpeting from the home, vacuum it more frequently. Pull out the Hoover at least twice a week. Wear a mask while you vacuum to prevent breathing in any allergens you stir up.
  • Steam clean: Even with regular vacuuming, allergens build up in your carpets. At least once every six months, give all carpeting a deep steam clean.
  • Remove clutter: Keep your space clutter-free. This makes it easier to clean and eliminates places for allergens to accumulate.
  • Wash rugs: If you have any throw rugs, wash them weekly. Be sure to use hot water.
  • Groom your pets: Give your pets a bath every week. Brush them outside the home weekly to remove all loose fur and dander.
  • Clean the sheets: Wash your bed linens each week. This is particularly important if your pets join you in the bed.
  • Scrub the walls: Once each month, wipe down your walls and woodwork to remove allergen buildup.
  • Steam the upholstery: In addition to vacuuming upholstery weekly, you should steam clean it each month.

Call for backup

These pet allergy remedies may seem daunting. If you don’t have time to do these cleaning tasks yourself, simply call for backup. A professional cleaning service could be the solution you’ve been looking for to keep both you and your best friend happy and healthy.

We’re here to help

Scrubs Home Cleaning provides reliable, efficient home cleaning services, from the bathroom to the bedroom. For help with keeping your home allergen-free, contact our team. Reach us today at 972-2948-639 for a free estimate.

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