Steam Cleaning Explained

February 7, 2023

There is no reason to get steaming mad if your home needs a good cleaning. Instead, you should use the best steam cleaning service in Frisco to take care of it for you. Scrubs Home Cleaning is family-owned and operated and keeps homes clean in Frisco and nearby communities.

Our first-rate steam cleaning service makes quick work of stubborn stains, dirt, and general debris that often get into carpets, upholstery, and drapes. Steam is a highly effective and efficient way to perform the best possible Frisco home cleaning. It also is reasonably affordable.

Steam Cleaning Explained

Steam cleaning is a relatively simple cleaning system in which heated water turns into steam with some pressure behind it. The steam typically contains a cleansing detergent or an alkaline agent that helps to penetrate and loosen stubborn spots.

Steam cleaning moistens whatever you are trying to clean to help loosen contaminants and make it easier to remove them. Once loosened and saturated with the steam, a brush simply sweeps it away. Some steam cleaners include a steam vacuum that draws the steam and dirt back into the system for disposal afterward.

How Steam Cleaning Works 

A thorough Frisco home cleaning with a steam cleaner can remove oil, dirt, and grease from just about any surface. Steam cleaning also can clean common stains that might otherwise make your carpeting, drapes, or furniture look messy and unsanitary.

An experienced and well-equipped steam cleaning crew from Scrubs Home Cleaning can make quick work of your worst messes. Our steam cleaners are the best available, and our cleaning crews are experts at using them to tackle the toughest of home messes.

Many Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning does more than make your home look as clean as possible. It also helps to sanitize newly cleaned surfaces. You have fewer germs, bacteria, and other sickness-causing substances that might build up inside your home.

The combination of steam heat and a detergent or alkaline cleanser kills most of the germs and other contaminants that otherwise might find a home within your home. The sanitizing effect can be beneficial during the annual cold and flu season and in the spring when you want to air out your home from the long winter.

Hire the Best Steam Cleaning Service in Frisco

Scrubs Home Cleaning in Frisco provides high-quality cleaning services throughout the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our hard-working cleaning teams provide routine and deep-cleaning services. We also are bonded and insured. You can call or stop by our storefront to learn more and schedule your first steam cleaning service.

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