Spring Cleaning: Where to Start?

April 23, 2018

What makes us want to clean when the sun comes out, the temperatures rise, the flowers bloom and the animals come out of hibernation? Maybe it’s just tradition, or maybe it’s a sense of renewal with the season. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably looking around your house and thinking that it could use some work.

The task of spring cleaning may seem all too daunting to start. From a garage packed with stuff you never use to that laundry list of things you’ve been meaning to do and just keep putting off, you’ve got a lot of work in front of you. Of course, you could just hire home deep cleaning services in Frisco, TX and let them worry about it for you instead. Here’s a start on items you’d want to consider for spring cleaning:

  • Throw out old mail: Sometimes it seems like the only people still using the postal service are advertisers and Amazon. Collect all that junk mail lying around the house and throw it in the recycling bin. This is an easy way to get started on spring cleaning.
  • Donate or pack up winter clothes: Hopefully, you won’t be needing that puffy coat anymore. Open up your drawers and wardrobes and find all those heavy clothes that you can say goodbye to. Pack them up in boxes for the attic or send them off to charity for donation. If it’s a really nice piece of clothing, you might even be able to make some money by selling it.
  • Check for expired food: It’s surprising how food items can hide in the refrigerator, seemingly never to be found again. Check in the crispers, behind other items and in the deep recesses of the freezer. You’ll be shocked at how much space you’ve created just by taking out everything that’s gone bad.
  • Replace dryer vents: This is an important safety measure. Old, clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of fires in homes. Make sure that yours is up to date and free of lint and other debris.
  • Replace light bulbs: If there’s enough light in a room, it’s easy to ignore a light bulb that’s dead. Take this opportunity to replace all the light bulbs. If you use energy efficient ones, you can save some money, too.
  • Change air filters: The number of indoor air pollutants is shocking. It can actually be a leading cause of illness and breathing difficulties. Replace all the filters on your vents to ensure your family is breathing nothing but clean air without any harmful particles.
  • Call in the professionals: Even if you take care of some spring cleaning yourself, you’ll want to bring in a home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX to do the heavy-duty work—things like cleaning baseboards, blinds, window ledges, kitchens and bathrooms. Having a pro do it means you get to spend more time outside enjoying the beautiful springtime weather.

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