How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

December 30, 2019

Ensuring good air quality in your home is essential if you want to breathe easier and have fewer allergy symptoms while you’re trying to relax inside. The good news is that keeping your air clean is a lot easier than some people think! Keep reading to learn more about how investing in home air filtration in Frisco, TX and tidying up around the house can help improve your indoor air quality:

  • Change your air filter: Your HVAC system has an air filter that blocks dust, dander and other allergens from getting into the air and disrupting your day-to-day life—and, as you can imagine, these filters tend to get dirty pretty quickly. It’s recommended that you change your air filter once a month to ensure it works to the best of its ability.
  • Vacuum and mop regularly: Keeping good residential air quality in Frisco, TX often starts down at your feet! Make a habit of vacuuming or mopping to get rid of any dirt or grime that could float up from the floor into the air and circulate throughout your home.
  • Buy doormats: Nobody wants to spend hours each week vacuuming and mopping the floors. Eliminate a lot of that grime from your home by putting doormats down at each entrance! Indoor and outdoor doormats placed at each door trap debris before it gets tracked through your home on guests’ shoes. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to institute a no-shoe rule inside the house!
  • Reduce humidity: Dust and other allergens thrive in humid environments. Even if you have proper home air filtration in Frisco, TX, a high indoor humidity level drastically increases the allergens floating in the air. Reduce the humidity level by setting up dehumidifiers throughout your home and opening up the windows whenever you can.
  • Keep a smoke-free home: Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, none of which are good for your health or your indoor air quality. Asking guests to smoke outside gets rid of all those chemicals and allows your air to stay fresh and clean. Additionally, eliminating secondhand smoke helps reduce children’s risk of developing asthma, cancer, ear infections and many other health problems.
  • Use organic cleaners and air fresheners: Many household cleaners and air fresheners contain chemicals that are designed to create a fresh smell inside your home. While that pine scent does smell good, the products used to create that scent aren’t good for the air. Be sure to purchase organic cleaners that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. And, instead of using plug-in air freshers, consider buying plants and flowers that have a pleasant scent.
  • Hire a cleaning company: The best way to keep a clean home without breaking a sweat is to hire professional cleaners! Have a cleaning company come by regularly to sweep, mop, vacuum, dust and do all of the other hard chores around your house. We guarantee your space will be cleaner, and your air will be much fresher after a cleaning crew is done.

Don’t choose anyone but our specialists at Scrubs Home Cleaning if you want to improve your residential air quality in Frisco, TX! Regular house cleaning by our pros ensures that your air will be nice and fresh 24/7.

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