What’s the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Routine Cleaning?

January 19, 2021

Every home needs a good dose of cleaning on a regular basis. Especially if you have kids or pets, you know how much effort it takes to keep your house clean consistently.

If you are looking to hire an outside service to help with your cleaning duties, it is helpful to know the difference between routine and deep cleaning. A good cleaning company in Frisco, TX will work with you to determine what approach would benefit your home the most.

Routine cleaning

Sometimes daily and weekly chores become unmanageable. Simple tasks like taking out the garbage, wiping the kitchen sink and dusting the bookcases go by the wayside. This is not uncommon—most households feel some pinch in this area.

Routine cleaning in Frisco, TX includes wiping down surfaces, taking out trash, as well as dusting and disinfecting high-traffic areas of your home. Routine cleaning also includes sweeping or mopping the floors and wiping down the bathrooms.

Depending on the particulars of your cleaning company or contract, laundry and washing dishes may either be included in routine cleaning or charged as an add-on. Because they add time to the cleaning process, they may require you to be out of your home for longer as well.

The more frequently you clean your home, the less work compounds, making it easier and faster to complete. A rough estimate of how much time you will invest in routine cleaning is about three to eight hours per week, on average.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning in Frisco, TX, on the other hand, requires moving furniture, cleaning and sterilizing hard-to-reach spaces and more. It is often done in between tenants, such as in an apartment building. Before you move in or shortly after you move out of a rented home, you may consider deep cleaning to avoid landlord charges or forfeiting your security deposit.

Deep cleaning tasks include cleaning and disinfecting baseboards, window ledges and even fridges and freezers. Window blinds can build up dust and debris over time that gets harder to clean off the longer it goes unaddressed.

Some charges, depending on the company and the items included in their base rate, may be extra add-ons. It is important to know what is included and what is not at the outset, so you will not be surprised with costs outside your budget or work that hits below your expectations.

Deep cleaning is recommended about every six months to a year. Keep in mind that a deep clean may require moving furniture around or even removing items to different rooms during the process—this can take a day or a few days to complete, during which time you may want to be out of the house. But it is important to protect the investment you have made in your home, and you should deep clean at least this often for best results.

Trust the experts

The professionals at Scrubs Home Cleaning value your time and your home. We have a vested interest in keeping your house clean and presentable.

Contact Scrubs Home Cleaning to discuss your options for routine and deep cleaning in Frisco, TX. Our experts will work with your budget and schedule to ensure your home is clean and comfortable, just how you like it!

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