Did You Know That the Dust in Your Home Office Can Affect Your Health? Here’s How We Can Help

March 29, 2021

People are spending more and more time working from home. Your home office can be a safe haven where you can enjoy productivity in a healthy environment. However, a dust-filled home office can negatively affect your health. Rather than an in-home oasis, this space can become a source of illness and stress.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to mitigate the health risks of your home office. Simply partner with a local home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX to keep your work environment fresh and healthy. Here’s what you need to know.

Sources of dust

If you regularly clean your home office, you may consider this space clean and dust-free. However, without help from a local home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX, it’s likely you are leaving debris behind, which can negatively affect your health.

Consider the many sources of dust in your home office. First, pets generate dust. Second, human skin cells add to the debris. Dander, dust mites, decomposed insects, carpet fibers, clothing fibers, food debris and other particulates generated by cooking and smoking can all add to the layers of dust that build up in your home office. Manmade chemicals are part of this mix, too.

In addition to these indoor sources of dust, you must also recognize another major source: the outdoors. You and others in the home track dust in on your shoes, feet and paws. Open windows, vents and doorways also allow dust to blow indoors. These particles include soils, silt, pollen and more.

Health effects

With so many particulates in your surroundings, it’s easy to see why breathing in this debris each day would be bad for your health. Exposure to these allergens and dust can cause breathing problems, allergy issues, reduced immune system response and more.

While removing outdoor clothing, such as shoes, when indoors can help reduce the accumulation of outdoor particulates in the home, this is not 100 percent effective on its own. Without a local home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX, much of this debris will remain. You and your family members will continue to breathe this dust. As you spend an entire work week in your home office, you will be exposing yourself to a significant level of breathable debris.

How we can help

To reduce your exposure to these many harmful particles, simply partner with a local home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX. At Scrubs Home Cleaning, we are dedicated to creating a safe, healthy environment for you and your family. We can keep your home office fresh and clean each season, so you are working in a healthy environment year-round.

Protect your health

Don’t wait for dust buildup to increase your health risks. Contact Scrubs Home Cleaning today for a local home deep cleaning service in Frisco, TX. Family owned and operated, our company is committed to detail and exceptional service. Our goal is to provide consistent quality and efficient whole-home cleaning from top to bottom. Your home office will sparkle like never before. Call today for a free estimate.

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