Organization Tips for Homes With Children

February 7, 2023

Keeping a child’s room organized may seem almost impossible. But, the truth of the matter is, it is not. Organization can be implemented into any room, and this includes your children’s rooms/play area. So, if you are wondering how to organize children’s room layouts, this guide will provide you with some tips.

Tips To Organize Your Children’s Rooms

Organizing your children’s rooms doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are some toy organization tips, and general tips overall to keep your child’s room in order.

Throw Away Toy Boxes

One of the best ways to organize your child’s room is to start off by throwing away toy boxes. Once you have discarded all the toy boxes, you can then sort them into clear bins. You can then label the bins by the type of toys included in them. If your child is unable to read yet, you can simply draw pictures and cut them out and attach them to the bins. This can help your child easily identify the bins and find the toy they are looking for.

Divide Space Into Zones

Another way to organize your child’s room is to divide their room into zones. For example, you can use one area of their room for reading, while another space is designated for arts and crafts. This is helpful for your child because they will know what area of the room to go to depending on the activity they are looking for. This will also teach them where to put things back when they are finished with them.

Shop for Child-Friendly Furniture 

Shelves and hooks should be hung at a level where your child can easily reach them. When shopping for furniture, choose child-friendly furniture, or regular furniture that has child-friendly features. Avoid using regular chairs for your child to climb on to grab things, as this can be a fall risk.

Utilize Wall Space

Floating shelves are handy and should be used higher up on the wall to keep items that your child won’t use as often. For example, you can store clay creations, trophies, and stuffed animals on these floating shelves. Another alternative is to use toy chains that contain clips. These can easily be hung from the ceiling and used to store the same types of items that your child doesn’t use often.

Sort Laundry

Teach your child how to sort their laundry so you won’t have to continuously pick their clothes off of the floor. Keep two hampers in your child’s room, if you have enough space. One hamper can be used for whites, and the other for darks. Toddlers can also learn to properly sort their clothing as they undress.

Store Toys

The best way to avoid having all toys out at once is to rotate them every few months. Put the old toys in boxes and put them in a closet or basement. You can then re-introduce these toys in a few months and put the others away.

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