Great Practices for Cleaning Your Bathroom

January 21, 2020

Bathrooms are some of the most commonly used rooms in our homes, so it stands to reason that they can get pretty dirty, pretty fast. To cut back on the number of germs in your bathrooms, it’s crucial that you clean them regularly and thoroughly. Continue reading to learn some great bathroom cleaning tips in Frisco, TX for every aspect of your bathroom.


Between washing dirty hands and collecting toothpaste dribbles, sinks can accumulate germs quite quickly. These are some of the best cleaning techniques for your sink:

  • Use the right cleaners: All-purpose cleaners can be used to remove light soil and film from the sink basin and faucet. For stuck-on toothpaste, use cleaners formulated with bleach.
  • Dry and buff: For shiny faucets and sink handles, be sure to buff them using a fresh cleaning cloth. Tons of fingerprints on the handles isn’t a good look!

Shower and tub

Your shower helps keep your body clean, but it gets pretty dirty in the process. These tips ensure you’re not showering off in a dirty environment:

  • Spray and wait: Before you get to work scrubbing, we recommend spraying your tub with an all-purpose cleaner and letting the mix stand for a while. Letting the chemicals work their magic cuts down on the elbow grease required to get the tub clean.
  • Scrub hard: Letting the cleaner stand is one of our best bathroom cleaning practices in Frisco, TX, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to scrub at all. Abrasive scrubbing pads can get rid of bathtub rings, while tile brushes remove grime in cracks and corners.
  • Rinse: Though harsh cleaners will make your tub sparkle, be sure to rinse them down the drain to ensure there’s no long-term damage to the surface.


The toilet is probably the most germ-infested fixture in your bathroom. These best bathroom cleaning practices in Frisco, TX will ensure it’s sparkling clean:

  • Take it slow: Just like letting the shower cleaner stand for a while, it’s a good idea to let the toilet bowl cleaner sit in the bowl for a bit before scrubbing. Letting the cleaner stand will kill germs and dissolve deposits, making for an easier cleanup.
  • Buy a good brush: A clean toilet starts with a quality brush! If your brush’s bristles are mashed or flattened, it’s time to replace it. Curved bowl brushes are great for getting all the germs under the rim. If your brush isn’t strong enough to remove tough stains, consider using a pumice stone to get the job done.
  • Disinfect: Once the bowl is clean, you’ll want to disinfect the rim, seat, lid, tank and bowl exterior. All-purpose cleaners often have germ-killing chemicals that can take care of any harmful bacteria. Wipe clean and dry when done with a fresh cleaning cloth or paper towel.

If all of the bathroom cleaning tips in Frisco, TX above sound like too much work, then give our team at Scrubs Home Cleaning a call! Once we’re done, your home and bathrooms will be sparkling clean, and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

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