Why Should You Clean Your New House Before Moving In?

February 2, 2021

Moving into a new home is an exciting, albeit stress-inducing time. There is furniture to move and pets to transport, and even downsizing or upsizing to your new space can be a daunting task.

Before you start to get settled in your new digs, it’s important to keep your health and safety top of mind. Cleaning your new house upon moving in is step number one, and cleaning professionals in Frisco, TX can help you get the deep clean you need.

Your health and safety are important

Cleaning your new home is essential prior to moving in. This is because you have no idea how clean the new space truly is. Plus, if you have children or pets, there could be leftover chemical cleaners on the floors that will need to be removed for their safety.

Additional items on your health and safety checklist prior to moving in should include changing the locks, checking for damage and removing mold and fabrics that may have absorbed germs. This includes carpets and curtains, which, if possible, should be replaced. Also, be sure to install electrical outlet covers and cabinet stoppers to keep your family safe.

Use this opportunity to make a fresh start

Moving into a new home is a great opportunity to part with old furniture and things you’ve held onto for too long, and create a new home environment for you and your loved ones. At the very least, it gives you the opportunity to clean off your items before transporting them to a new house. This is the first step in cleaning your new home, and it starts in the one you are leaving behind.

Once you have arrived at your new home and before you begin moving furniture inside, be sure to clean walls that will be blocked by couches, art or other furniture. They may not have the opportunity to be cleaned until the next time you deep clean, which may be six months to a year from now.

Also check for dust and clean air vents. Especially if you have allergies, make sure to vacuum and sweep. Additionally, consider renting a steam cleaner to be sure you are rid of germs and debris in your carpets, short of replacing them. Your local home improvement store should be able to rent out the steam cleaner and the chemicals to operate it.

Finally, deep clean your bathroom and kitchen for peace of mind. These two parts of your new home are the most likely to contain germs and harmful chemicals. It’s important to give them a once-over before moving in.

Partner with the experts

All of the to-do items of moving can be hard to keep track of. You may use a checklist to keep everything straight, but when you need to focus on what’s most important, hire an outside cleaning service to help.

The professionals at Scrubs Home Cleaning are ready to facilitate the deep clean your new home needs. Contact us today for a quote or consultation regarding cleaning your new house in Frisco, TX prior to your move-in date!

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