What Plants Can Help Clean Your Home’s Air?

March 17, 2020

If you’re not paying attention to the quality of the air in your home, you could be experiencing a variety of issues without realizing it. Air that’s free of impurities can reduce allergies and asthma symptoms, improve your blood pressure and increase your lifespan. And that’s not all—keeping the air in your home clean can improve your sleep and your productivity, as well. Indeed, there are innumerable benefits to keeping your home’s air clean.

Fortunately for those of us who don’t have dozens of hours to spend on cleaning our homes, there are steps we can take to preserve clean home air in Frisco, TX. For starters, here are some houseplants you can add to your home to improve your air quality and spice up your decor.

Chinese evergreen

For plant lovers who want to incorporate a little flavor into their decor, the Chinese evergreen is perfect. Not only is it wonderful at removing toxins, but it also comes in a huge array of varieties that run the gamut in terms of shape, size and even color.

Boston fern

If you want to add a splash of green to the corners of your home, a Boston fern is a great place to start. These vibrant plants thrive in indirect sunlight, which means you can put them just about anywhere.

Snake plant

Don’t be mistaken by its deceptively scary name. The snake plant is a cute little guy that not only cleans your air of impurities, but also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen 24 hours a day. Most plants stop the conversion process when the sun goes down.

Spider plant

If you want to use plants for purifying air quality in Frisco, TX, then the spider plant is an excellent place to start. This unique plant is one of a select group that is perfect for propagating—that is, one spider plant can be cut down and used to grow several spider plants throughout your house.


Also known as the “cubicle” plant, the flat-leaved pothos is perfect for people who want to clean the air in their home, but who are also green-thumb challenged.

Peace lily

Add a splash of color to the plants in your home with the peace lily. While most of the plants that purify air are solid, hearty green, the peace lily offers up a delicate white bloom that will liven up any room.

Let us make up the difference

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